Chabad Wedding filled with love & tradition in Kfar Chabad, Israël

We spoke for several months prior to the wedding of Talia & Yossef. From the start, I knew that this day will be memorable and in their image : elegant, emotional & respectful of traditions. We met with Talia in Tel Aviv for her to get ready surrounded by her cheerful bridesmaids then we headed to Yaffo to take some portraits.

One of the special features of their wedding was that both of our lovers wanted to get pictures in Kfar Chabad located in the center of Israël and hosting the beautiful and true to life replica of the Rebbe’s very house of Brooklyn. Their wedding ceremony was nothing but pure emotions, respecting the solemnity of Chabad’s traditions. We’ll always remember the tears of Talia’s father blessing his daughter before she begins her new life as a wife. The Dancing part was as beautifully chaotic as we expected and we could feel this electrical atmosphere during the whole night ! Thank you for your trust & showing us love, cheers to you !

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